Be The Change You Want To See In Your Dog

The happiness of our dogs can be dependent on how we’re feeling internally. Do we take time out of our day to nurture ourselves? To breathe, relax, and create? Do we allow time for joy and laughter?

Not following yet? Let’s walk through a scenario.

You wake up five minutes late to a screeching alarm and a wicked hangover. Your little fur ball bounces into your room and greets you with a hurricane of barking, pawing, and licking. You sternly say “No.” and push him away, but he’s not getting the hint.

You’re rushing around at this point, but he’s still following. You don’t want to be late for work again. At this point you’ve given up on stopping him… You let him chase you around, barking and mouthing at you for attention. Unconsciously, he is reacting to the stress he is sensing from you.

You head downstairs and give him food and water. He seems content, so you give him a kiss and head to work. You’re on the highway and you suddenly realize that in all the chaos, you forgot to let the guy out to go potty.

Nine hours later…

Your heart is beating rapidly as you pull into the driveway. You’re desperately hoping that your dog didn’t pee on your new carpet.

You walk through the house, inspecting the crime scene. Pee stain on the carpet? Check. Scratch marks on your bedroom door? Check. As you make it to the kitchen you gasp, feeling defeated. You see the screen door ripped to shreds!

You weren’t there, but you can imagine that your dog tried to get outside and couldn’t. So he tried to get your attention by scratching your bedroom door, not realizing you weren’t there… and eventually gave up and peed on the carpet.

You’re exhausted and understandably angry. Your dog is lying in the corner, looking up at you with apologetic eyes. You rush over to him, scold him, and put him in his crate.

In the above scenario, we see how self-awareness and self-care play a huge part in the relationship we have with our dogs. When our internal state is anxious or disorganized, this can impact our pups. 

Many of my clients experience similar scenarios, and I want you to know you’re not alone. In the long run, the tiniest subtle cues can affect our dogs–Or our children for that matter–and this is something we may not always be aware of.

Some common experiences are:

  • Being afraid to invite people over because your dog is either too protective, fearful, hyper, aggressive, or rambunctious.
  • Not going out to social functions because you worry that your dog will be destructive or have separation anxiety.
  • Wanting to bring the dog out with you, but being afraid of him biting, jumping, or barking excessively.
  • Your dog flat-out ignoring you and walking away.

The good news is these scenarios don’t have to continue! Because we have more innate power than we think, we just need to access the tools and solutions waiting within us. In my Path to Empowerment Program, I teach you to become like a tree, spreading your branches with new growth while staying firmly grounded. When this happens, it can rub off on your furry friend and create a butterfly effect of joy!

Because our pups mirror our behavior and our energy, they look up to us for guidance and love. Seeing us achieving balance and harmony will allow them to feel confident, happy, and secure. Anxiety will melt away as they realize that love is abundant and worrying isn’t necessary anymore.

We are called now to take this revolutionary and transformational step towards our fullest potential.

Start by asking yourself:

If we nurture ourselves, taking time for self-care and self-love, could our dog’s behavior reflect peace and calm–instead of stress and chaos–every day?

Is it possible that our pup has been waiting to reveal his loving and well-mannered side when he feels safe to be loved in a healthy way, not in a “I need saving” way?

That’s where I come in!

This isn’t just your dog’s journey, or even just your journey, it’s our journey. We’ll co-create a personalized program just for YOU AND YOUR PUP: accessing those hidden tools, using them, and creating a clear & harmonious relationship for years to come.

The Life You Want Is Within Your Reach. It’s Time To Take It!



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We’ll speak one-on-one and dig deep into your heart and your dog’s, seeing what needs to be fulfilled for both of you to succeed in training.


During your call, I’ll develop a custom program JUST for you and your dog.  We’ll un-leash your dog’s potential and create harmony in your lives!


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